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Jamal Hassan

Languages : English
Per session : $40
Per minute : $1
Email Charge : $5
Congenial professional counselor and therapist with wider work experience. I am committed to client well being by all means.Served at clinical environment with inpatient care and had private practice over a decade. I trust eclectic and total treatment philosophies in mental health care practice. I served in imparting the knowledge and skills too.
My Professional Service : Well, since my post graduation days I had served as Psychologist in a mental health care unit.Along the years I accomplished my researches in the clinical field.With my perseverance in eclectic practice philosophy I met good success rate. I am not a method specific therapist, rather am client centered therapist. Follow Freudian, Rogerian and Skinnerian approaches according to the best choice available and consented by clients.
Qualifications : Master of Philosophy(M.Phil) in Psychology Master of Arts(M.A)in Psychology
Professional Experience : I am into practice since 1998 and able to serve my best to the clients in person. Online counseling was practiced by me since two years.

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