Voice and Video Chat Counseling with a Professional Therapist


Do you prefer to speak to your Therapist than using your keyboard?

We have Professional Counselors who can listen to you and give you the empathetic support that you need very personally! Confidentiality is kept at every stage. You can ring your Therapist and speak with your Online Counselor in private. Want to see your Therapist face to face? No worries, you only need to ask your Therapist to turn on his/her video camera.

NEW! 2:1 video or audio connection for couples

Our system is upgraded to facilitate couples to join a Therapist from two different locations. This is a unique feature in ProvenTherapy. The system takes the following simple procedure:
  1. Client1 Logs into the system
  2. Client1 chooses a Therapist and clicks the chat button and enters Therapy Room
  3. Therapist sends an invitation to Client2 by clicking a button
  4. Client2 receives invitation by email and clicks the chat button available at the email message and joins Client1 and Therapist in the Therapy Room (Client2 will be prompted to login before entering Therapy Room)

The whole chat process will be done through secured channels in order to ensure confidentiality.

Online Counseling Chat

Why we charge less for this top quality professional service?

Our site has a good number of qualified online therapists. You will find the same therapists on many other online counseling sites with higher fees. This is because those sites charge high commission from the Therapists. Hence, the Therapists cannot afford to charge you lower fees. Since we place the highest value on the concept of care and also that we operate with a philanthropic mission we do not impose high commission on our Therapists.  By doing so, we are providing the highest quality of service with much lower fee than many other online counseling sites.

Just visit the Therapists page and choose your preferred Therapist and you are in session!

Be in therapy with your online counselor using your headset now!
First 5 minutes of your first session with a new Therapist is FREE!

When you take the first session with a Therapist, the first 5 minutes would not be counted, hence you won't be charged. If you feel that this particular Therapist is not the one you like to continue with, then, you can end the session and try another Therapist. You will still have the same free five minutes if you are contacting this Therapist for the first time.
Telephone CounselingMaking Voice Call to a counselor or therapist through the site by a client
What your Counselors can do for you?
They will:
  • compassionately listen to you
  • give you emotional support
  • help you to see the big picture through some analytic questions
  • guide you to see the other side of things
  • help you to see the solutions and guide you through to the solution

All our Therapists are qualified and experienced in areas including Psychology, Psychiatry, Clinical Social Work, Counseling, and Psychotherapy. They can give you psychotherapy very personally and efficiently. Our therapists use traditional as well as evidence based therapeutic methods in order to help you.

How does the Voice or Video Chat Counseling Work?

Simple procedure here...

  1. Visit this page to choose your Therapist.
  2. Click the 'Chat Per Minute' or 'Chat Per Session' button under the name of the Therapist
  3. You are in session!

Our system is user-friendly and will guide you through the process. So, you will not get lost.

Please do not forget to leave review and rating to your Therapist when the session is complete.

If you have any doubts about the system please do not hesitate to contact us.

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