PT Messenger and Moble Apps - Essential Instructions


This page will explain the two most important procedures that the Therapists should get familiarized with.

Download PT Messenger (Only for Therapists)

Download Mobile Apps for iOS and Android (For Therapists and Clients)


The Desktop Chat Software - PT Messenger - Explained

The image below is self-explanatory. If you still have doubts please feel free to ask any question that you may have.

Note: Clients do not need PT Messenger on their computers. So, please don't advise them to download and install PT Messenger. However, for therapy through mobile or hand-held devices, both Therapists and Clients need to have the Mobile App installed on their devices. 

ProvenTherapy Messenger Explained


Notepad is the default tab when you are on chat. Whatever you type is only seen by you. So, this is a handy tool to scribble down possible questions that you could ask at a later stage, or you could note down important information that you think is useful for the session. Once the live chat session is over, the note will be automatically saved. You can edit it by going into your account and complete your note there. It is good practice to have a session note after every session. A typical session note will include the following:

  •     Presenting concerns
  •     Action plan (to-do list for client and therapist)
  •     Follow Up session date and session plan

Clients have their own notepad which is not visible to you.


You may use the whiteboard to explain difficult concepts by drawing diagrams or pictures. Whatever you draw is visible to client in real time. Client cannot draw or edit it though.

Payment System Explained

All payments made by clients will be kept in the Client's account until the client takes a session with a Therapist. Once a session is completed the amount will be calculated in real time and 75% of the amount will be deposited in Therapist's account and 25% will be transferred to PT account. Client will be able to see account balance in his/her account page.

If a Therapist is sending an email, Therapist will be asked if it is a paid email or a free mail. If the Therapist chooses the option of paid email the therapist's email therapy charge will be calculated and 75% will be deposited into Therapist's account.

If a chat session gets interrupted what happens with the payment?

If it is a per minute chat session, the system will calculate only those minutes where the client was in the session. Hence, no further action is necessary. However, if the therapist feels that the client should not be charged, then, the Therapist can go to his/her account and click the Refund link corresponding to the particular session.

If it is a per session payment which got disconnected due to technical or network issues only the minutes spent will be calculated and charged to the Client. If the minutes spent in the chat is equal or more than the session fee, then, a session fee will be charged.

How to charge for Email Subscription Membership?

Please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Once you agree for email subscription service with a client, you may ask the client to deposit money into his/her account at ProvenTherapy (The client will have to login to his/her account and then deposit money into his/her account).
  2. While composing your mail to client, you may choose 'Charge for weekly subscription' from the option. (You will see how much money is available on client's account. If there is not enough money to cover email subscription, then, this option will be disabled).

As this is going to be weekly subscription, you will be sending non-chargeable emails for a week. When you are sending non-chargeable mails, please choose 'Do not charge' option.

When you get into an unlimited email subscription contract it is good practice that you give some details about how often and on what interval you will be sending replies to your client. It is good to give freedom to the client to send any number of emails to you, how short or long; however, inform the client that you will respond to all those emails at one shot on a daily basis or at whatever interval you like.

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