Why Choose Us

We are sure that our system will meet all your counseling needs! Take therapy from the comfort of your home through text chat or audio-video facility or through email communication.

Notes taking facility

On your live session you have the facility to take notes, which is not visible to others including your Therapist. Why not scribble down your new learning from the session or take homework assignments from Therapist, questions you want to ask before you forget, write down your session plans for next time, etc.? It is your personal notes. You can return to your notes, edit, update as often as you want. It is your notes!

Yet another cool feature

Your Therapist can explain difficult concepts through drawing on the whiteboard in real time. Only you and your Therapist can see it.

Email or Live Therapy through cross platform

Send and receive Email messages through mobile phone or through desktop site. Take live video sessions through your phone or through your laptop. No matter if you are on mobile phone while your Therapist is using a laptop, our system understands you better and gives the best therapy experience!

Self-Assessment Tests

Depression or anxiety or even check how you are doing in terms of your relationship. Your test result will be available in your Accounts area. You may share your assessment reports to your Therapist for clinical purpose. Self-assessment tests are free and you may take these tests any number of times while you are in your therapy journey.

Video Link

Take therapy through audio-video facilities for greater effectiveness. See your Therapist face to face through your electronic device, be it your mobile phone or your laptop. Your video will be recorded and stored in our system for two weeks. You may download it for your own repeated watching.

Relationship Therapy at its best! Couples can take live video session from two different geographic locations - this is what we call 'convenience'! Read more about how works.

The Major Strengths of ProvenTherapy

  • 10+ years in online therapy service. Many of our competitors are only new in this service.
  • We believe in the highest ethical concepts of virtue, respect, and justice.
  • Every client is treated with at most care and respect. Confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Using the most advanced technology available on the Internet.
  • Per session fee or per minute fee as you wish. If you only need ten minutes or half an hour consultation, per minutes session is what you need. Don't want to be bothered by time ticking? Choose the per session fee structure, which will be the most convenient and economical route to take.
  • All communications are through secured encrypted channels with additional layers of security.
  • Highly confidential - everything is kept confidential including your email address.
  • From the comfort of your home office or bedroom - no embarrassment of meeting the therapist face to face.
  • Easy access to therapy - simple and user-friendly procedure of counseling.
  • Plenty of options - Live Text Chat, Email Counseling, Audio and/or Video Counseling.
  • Immediate support when you need: As we have a good number of experienced and professionally qualified Counselors, you will not go without getting help from one of our expert Therapists.
  • Flexible timing - appointments at your preferred timing which you could schedule with your Therapist.
  • Drop-in facility - you can contact your therapist when he/she is available online irrespective of scheduled appointment.
  • Can contact your therapist anonymously by email if you want.
  • No paperwork and formalities.
  • No application forms or pre-assessment forms to complete. You are taken to the session straight away!