How does the system work?

  • Nothing to Download
  • There is absolutely nothing to download to take counseling or therapy through text, audio or video sessions with your Therapist.

  • No Malware or Spyware
  • We will not install any software into your system whatsoever. Live sessions are done through web browser using cutting edge technology and all communication will be passed through secure channels.

  • Stay Annoymous, you are in full control!
  • Text chat is made default to give you the best control, in case you want to remain anonymous without showing your face to Therapist.

  • Secure Communication
  • ProvenTherapy system works through secured channels. The steps are amazingly simple as you can see from the table below.

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  • Live Sessions - by Text, Audio and/or Video Chat

  • 1. Register on the site and login
  • 2. Deposit money
  • 3. Click to chat if Therapist is online
  • 4. If Therapist of offline, send email with your query
  • You are in Therapy!
  • See Therapists


  • Charged per email response by Therapist

  • 1. Register on the Site and login
  • 2. Deposit money
  • 3. Choose Therapist
  • 4. Send Mail to Therapist
  • 5. Therapist will respond ASAP
  • See Therapists


  • Unlimited email subs. $45 per week or $180 for 5 weeks

  • 1. Register on the site and login
  • 2. Deposit $45 or $180
  • 3. Choose Therapist
  • 4. Send Mail and request weekly or bulk subscription
  • 5. You make payment from your deposited money
  • See Therapists

Live Session starts with text chat by default. You have audio and video buttons which you can choose as you feel comfortable. No additional charges for using audio/video facilities. Moreover, for increased effectiveness, we would encourage you to use audio/video facilities as much as possible.