Frequently Asked Questions

You can start your therapy in many ways depending what method of therapy/counseling you are looking for, whether live chat session or email therapy. You may please follow the simple procedures below:

If you are looking for Live Chat Session with or without Audio/Video

  1. Look at the Home Page or Therapists Page and click one of the chat buttons (if Therapists are available online) 'Chat Per Minute' or 'Chat Per Session'. The system will guide you through. It is that simple!
  2. If Therapists are not available online, you may click the 'Send Mail FREE' button to send them a message and request an appointment. As per the Company policy, Therapist who receive a query from you must respond within 24 hours in normal circumstances.

If you are seeking Email Therapy service

  1. Find a Therapist from the Home page or from the Therapists page
  2. Click 'Send Mail FREE' button and leave a message to the Therapist of your choice. In normal course, you will receive a response within 24 hours, if not within minutes.

If you are not sure which method of therapy suits you or which Therapist is right for you

  1. Visit the Home page
  2. Click the 'Post Request' button and send your request confidentially to Therapists. They will respond very soon as appropriate.

This is for live sessions. When you contact Therapist for a live session, you can pay Therapist for the time spent on live chat. If you choose this method, you can go for 'Pay Per Minute'. At the end of the session, the system will calculate how much time you spent on live therapy session and the minutes will be multiplied by the per minute rate of Therapist and the calculated amount will be charged from your deposited amount.

If you are choosing 'Per Session' method, you don't need to worry about the clock ticking. Just have your session with Therapist and finish the session when you and Therapist feel ok to end the session. A typical session could last for about 50 minutes or more depending on several factors.

Absolutely no problem. You can send a mail to the Therapist of your choice and request an appointment for a specific time. Your Therapist will contact you back in order to confirm a time/date. As per our Company policy, Therapist should respond within 24 hours in normal circumstances.
It all depends upon your needs and your circumstances. If you are a busy person who has difficulty finding time to sit with a Therapist for a live chat, then, we would recommend email therapy sessions. The cost effective method of unlimited weekly subscription should be ideal for you. However, a face to face live chat would be the most effective method where you can also use audio and video facilities if you are comfortable with. By default, the live session will start in text mode in case you are not comfortable with using camera or microphone before you get to know your Therapist. The audio and video facilities could be started by clicking on other buttons while you are in live session. There are no additional cost for using audio and video facilities.
Our Therapists are trained in different methods and also trained for different clientele groups. The widely accepted evidence based therapy methods are CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, and many more. You are encouraged to visit Therapist's profile page to see what method of therapy is being offered by the Therapist. Also our Therapists might have specialised in children and adolescents, or teens, or for old age groups, but most of them would be specialised for general adults. So, you will have to check their qualifications and experience by visiting their profile page.
Our Therapists are professionally qualified from unversities or colleges from all over the world. They are not our Company's employees. Hence, it is their decision whether to provide therapy to a client in a particular State, and they hold responsibility in terms of licences. You are advised to check their profile page to verify if they are licensed to practice in your State. You may also ask questions about their licensure directly to them by sending free mails through their profile page.

Absolutely no. You don't need to download any software to use our services. Chat sessions are accessible through Internet browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and many other popular browsers. All communications are passed through secured channels.

Audio/Video sessions can be accessed through your computer or hand held devices running iOS or Android operating systems. Obviously, you should have microphone and camera working in your device in good condition.
All chat sessions are recorded by default so that you and your Therapist can review for planning next sessions. (This feature is currently under development)
We are pleased to inform you that this is one of the unique features of ProvenTherapy. Our system will allow both of you to join therapy session from two different locations. For this, both of you need to set up two individual accounts. You can schedule appointment with your Therapist and your Therapist will guide you how to join the couples therapy session (Apologies, this service is currently under maintenance).

The system will guide you when you attempt to contact any Therapist. You can't go wrong. However, we will explain the normal steps below:

  1. You register as a user in the site
  2. You deposit money into your account
  3. You contact a Therapist through mail or through live chat
  4. For email therapy, your Therapist will invoice you and you approve payment. After you approve the payment, money will be deducted from your account and transferred to Therapist's account. If you are doing a live session with Therapist, after the session, the system will calculate the amount due for Therapist and the same will be deducted from your account and transferred to Therapist's account.

You don't need to strictly follow the steps in its order. Even if you start at step 3 or 4, our system will guide you through. This is why we say that you can't go wrong here!

If you have PayPal account and the deposit is made through PayPal, on your request we will transfer the unused/balance amount into your PayPal account. However, if the balance amount is requested after 30 days of the deposit date, there will be an admin charge of $10. In case you don't have a PayPal account, we will transfer your remaining balance to your bank account through wire transfer. However, you will have to bear the wire transfer cost, which is estimated as $20.
You can request a refund of unused money in your PT account anytime. Refund will be processed within 2 working days in normal circumstances. If refund is requested after 30 days of the deposit date, then, you will have to pay the transfer fee. If the deposit is made through PayPal the transfer fee will be $10. If you are requesting a cheque payment, the Company will charge a transaction fee of $15. Cheque payments will be made in UK Pound Sterling only, as per the day's market rate. If you are requesting wire transfer, then you will have to bear the bank charges. Our Admin will advise the wire transfer charges after checking with the banks because this tranfer fee will be different for different countries/regions though estimated as $20.
We accept payments through Credit Cards or through PayPal through our secured payment gateways. We will not keep your card details unless you opt for it. All major credit cards will be accepted. 
Yes, you can. We do follow General Data Protection Regulation policy at ProvenTherapy. In terms of your account and any data related to you, you are in control. You can close your account anytime that you want. However, once closed, you may not be able to access any information in future because we do not keep records or any back up copies of data that our Clients delete at their own discretion.

All communication through ProvenTherapy services will be passed through secured channels with additional layers of security.  Your contact details will not be shared to a third party without your written consent.  Our site is secured with SSL encryption and data leakage is highly difficult for a hacker. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Being a counseling service we cannot compromise with the safety and security of all data exchanged through our channels. Confidentiality is paramount at Hence, we have implemented additional layers of safety features in the site and servers. The site is encrypted with 256 SSL encryption making all data fully secure. The site is verified by PositiveSSL CA 2. Please look for https at the address bar and also the padlock sign which should tell you that exchanging of information through the site is safe.