Suicide - A Deeper Look

Suicide has been since the dawn of man which is the taking of a person's life by their own free will. Each culture has various views on the subject but in Western Culture it seen as an end to life that medical professionals, law enforcement, mental health professionals, pastors, family and friends will do anything to help prevent in others' lives. By law medical/mental health professionals are obligated to protect the life of a person even when it is against their will.
Previous suicide attempts are the number one predictor of suicide along with depression, substance use, age, loss of loved one, and chronic pain. There is also 'parasuicidal behavior' which is behavior that appears suicidal but the motivation is not to end one's life but to sometimes get attention or release of emotional pain through physical means such as cutting, assaulting a person's body, and taking pills. Suicidal ideation which is thoughts of wanting to kill yourself is a symptom usually associated with psychiatric or substance abuse diagnoses.
Passive death wishes are different in that a person only WISHES they were dead and do not have thoughts or plans of how to do it. These symptoms are all severe symptoms experienced by people with psychiatric illnesses and require substantial treatment to improve their quality of life and/or save their life.
The number one proven treatment modality is seeing a psychiatrist or your primary care physician to discuss prescription drugs and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Patients often times tell me "I feel guilty and evil for having these thoughts". A therapist would remind the patient that these thoughts are symptoms of a disease or disorder and they are experiencing false guilt. What a person does with these thoughts like any other is the most important factor. If you or anyone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts, wishes to die, or wanting relief from emotional pain contact your local doctor and mental health agency.

Online therapy also helps for people whom need to address these issues now. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger online therapy is not appropriate, you or someone you know should be taken to the nearest ER and/or call 911 immediately. Suicide increases the likelihood family members and friends will also attempt suicide or experience depression just as the chances of children of divorce have a 40-50% chance of getting divorced in their lifetime.

Help is available and proven treatment methods are available both in your geographic area and online. The internet is growing exponentially helping people with mental health issues, family problems, etc as more and more qualified mental health professionals join online therapy sites. As Helen Keller said "Life is full of suffering, BUT it is also full of OVERCOMING that suffering".