Positive Thinking

It is stated by Remez Sasson that positive attitude gives birth to positive words, thoughts, deeds and images which summarizes to the main concept positive thinking. There are many unfortunate people in this world who suffer from mental health illnesses such as stress, depression, anxiety. The cause to the mentioned mental health disorders is ‘negative thinking’. This article will help with positive thinking strategies, which will assist you to have a healthier lifestyle. 

Positive thinking is a decision: The first step towards positive thinking is for you to decide whether you want a life of freedom from stress, anxiety and depression. You have to make an informed decision about living your life with a positive attitude. This is possible by maintaining a diary, which will be used to monitor your thoughts on the daily basis. Each day your aim is to start with five positive thoughts. This number will gradually increase simultaneously when you start building self-confidence within yourself. 

Eliminating Obstacles to Positive Thinking: It can be challenging sometimes to stick to the goals and aims on a routine basis. However, this second step becomes a lot easier when you have learned to make an informed decision on positive thinking. Therefore, list the obstacles that can come in between accomplishing the goals for positive thinking. Examine each obstacle to be eliminated or arrange the obstacle so that it does not become a block in reaching your aim. 

Positive Thinking – Positive Attitude: You have come to the third step in mastering the process of positive thinking. You should have a self positive talk about creating a positive attitude within yourself. This is a five minute exercise daily, which will make you stay on track and be least distracted from your aim. 

In conclusion, you have three basic baby steps to start with positive thinking. All the above mentioned three steps will help you to have self confidence and determination in thinking positive on the regular basis.