Stress Management

What to do when you know about Stress?

This is one of the important questions you need to ask yourself. As per my understanding, I believe that stress is unavoidable. Stress in simple words is defined as, “Stress is what we feel when we think we’ve lost control of events” (Internet Resource). Stress can be caused due to minor situations that take place in our life. Whatever the reason, hope is that stress can be controlled.

This article will educate you on stress management. Especially the developmental years from adolescence till middle adulthood are some of the stressful days of life. As a reader you can hope to learn management strategies about stress, and also, have the confidence that you need in dealing with stressful situations in your life.

Identifying Stress

So, the first step is to look for stressors in your life. It is not so easy to identify the stressors but you can always assess your feelings, behaviours and thoughts. When you are able to assess all the three in your life than you can ask some crucial questions to yourself:

  • Am I feeling over burdened right now?
  • Am I having negative thoughts
  • Am I feeling angry or upset for no reason

The sources of stress in your life may be many. The first step in managing the stress in your life is to identify the sources or reasons of stress in your life. The actual sources of stress can be seen in your attitude, excuses and habits. If you tend to give excuses for your work assignments and procrastinate all the time, then you know that stress is playing a major role in your life.

You can control your Stress

Firstly it is important to know the ways you are currently coping and managing your stress. Are you able to maintain a stress journal to help identify your stressors? Are you coping with the stress following helpful, unhealthy, healthy or unproductive strategies? It is unfortunate that most people cope with stress using unhealthy and unproductive coping strategies. For example: using pills or drugs, oversleeping, smoking, consuming alcohol, under-eating or overeating, procrastinating, passing too much time in front of your PC or TV, withdrawing from friends and family etc. The mentioned strategies are considered unhealthy coping mechanisms to avoid stress. Therefore, you need to manage your stress in much healthier ways.

The first method to avoid stress is to say ‘No’. In your professional and personal life, you should only accept th responsibilities that you are able to attain. It is easy to say ‘yes’ even for the work that you know that is impossible to finish. So always set a goal for the work you can do. You are aware of your work capacity. Secondly you need to have some organization skills to reduce stress in your life. For example analyze your daily tasks, prioritize the tasks and responsibilities and schedule your day accordingly. In addition to the above strategies also follow some of the underlined principles of avoiding stress:

  • Accept the Reality
  • Adapt to the Reality
  • Alter your behaviour
  • Avoid things that seem impossible
Accept the Reality: If you are facing some stressful situation that you feel is getting out of control. Then first of all you need to accept the reality that there is nothing much that you can do. It is challenging to accept the reality and move on. If you accept the reality then your brain sends a positive message that you can deal with the stress and find alternative method to cope with the stress.

Adapt to the Reality: After you have accepted the stressor, the second step will be to adapt to the stressor. The best example of adapting to the stressor is: Consider working in an office with a boss that you don’t tend to get along with. In this case, you can accept that may be you and your boss will never get along well and rather start adapting to the boss by changing some behaviours that will maintain healthy relationship between you and the boss. You need to look at the relationship with your boss as a positive asset rather than negative.

Alter your behaviour: You can alter the stressor by changing your behaviour. For example, let’s take the example of a failure in the exams. Suppose you have been declared failed in your final exams. For any student this can be not only shocking news but the student may feel hopeless. So how do you alter the stressor? The best way to alter this stressor is to share your feelings in the journal or with someone who you can trust. You can take guidance from your counsellor or try sending your paper for re-evaluation.  If the results cannot be re-evaluated or re-checked then you think about the next step you ought to take. As much as this sounds simple, I understand the grief that comes along with the failure. The only way to deal with this kind of grief is to look ahead in the future and explore other options positively. This is one of the only ways to deal with chronic stress as this example.

Avoid things that are impossible: Avoiding the stressor isn’t always easy. You can avoid wrong advices, negative talk and unfavourable circumstances. You can have space for some time by going on long walks. Going on long walks will induce positive chemicals in the brain. This way your mind gets the energy to make productive decisions.

Top most tip for Stress Management - Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise is one of the best relaxation exercises used to de-stress yourself. This is one of those exercises that not only calm your nerves down but it develops positive chemicals in your brain that help you to control yourself.

For this exercise you need to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Breathe in through your diaphragm the upper portion above the stomach and exhale all the air out through your mouth. Repeat this exercise ten times; you will feel a little lighter and positive after completing the ten counts. As a psychologist, I have received many positive feedbacks about the breathing exercise. This exercise guarantees you relief and you can release your stress and avoid headache without any medication.


There are many ways you can avoid stress. The article has given you handful of information that you can use to help yourself in time of stress. This information will help you as a student or an employee, boss etc. Let your mind be positive about dealing with stress and this way you can live a happy and content life.