"ProvenTherapy helped me get my relationship back on track – the way I wanted it!" Marjorie D., London

Providing a supportive online environment, ProvenTherapy relationship counseling can help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationships. Whether married, living together, single - from all walks of life - relationship counseling can help you get the best out of your relationships.


Proven therapists and counselors offer help for the full range of problems encountered in life and are here to help you solve your relationship issues. People sometimes have preconceptions about relationship counseling thinking you only need it when things are really bad but relationship counseling can help even if your problems seem small.

You may decide to get counselling together with your partner or you may decide to get it alone. However you experience relationship counseling, you can feel assured that it's confidential and non-judgemental and will give you the space you need to fully explore your relationships and options.


For some, relationship counselling can transform their relationships and lives for the better. This could be through finding new, more effective and more satisfying ways to relate to one another or even finding a new life and being able to move on from past negative experiences. We can help boost confidence, assertiveness and reduce the negative effects of bad relationships such as anxiety and depression.

ProvenTherapy is the only online therapy and counseling service to offer the full range of online services giving you the best choice of how to access counseling. Our services include: 

  • Online chat (text)
  • Video therapy via direct, secure video link. 1:1 or 2:1 for couples/families and carers
  • Voice Over Internet chat (VOIP) sessions
  • Email therapy allowing you to read and absorb the content in black and white in your own time and make a considered response
  • Fully responsive mobile website for access on the full range of mobile devices
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android) to take your therapist with you wherever you go, boosting the effectiveness of therapy in day to day situations
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ProvenTherapy puts YOU at the center of what we do. Our comprehensive range of therapists and therapies are delivered via a range of media including: an online, browser based platform bringing you together with Proven Therapists

Fully mobile - access on the full range of mobile devices iOS and Android apps to take your therapist with you wherever you go, boosting the effectiveness of therapy in real life situations

Video Therapy - NEW! Connect with your therapist via direct, secure video link

Family Therapy - NEW! 2:1 video connection for couples/families and carers

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Tracie Timme

I am here to listen and help guide you to the best possible outcome for you and your situation. Everyone wants someone to talk to who is genuine, caring, understanding, honest, and is there for them. Let me be there for you.
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