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Are you a qualified Counselor or Psychotherapist? Do you want to join our ProvenTherapists team?

In order to be approved as a Therapist at you should have a Masters Degree in one of the relevant areas including Social Work, Psychology, or Counseling. We are not providing internship here. You have to be fully qualified to provide your service here.

If you feel that you meet the criteria, you may please sign up through the Registration page and upload scanned copies of your qualifications and photograph and we will review your application and approve as deem appropriate.

Applications without scanned copies of your qualifications will not be reviewed.

You may have so many questions regarding payment, caseload, etc. We have compiled the more significant questions with their answers at Therapist FAQ.

Please review the Technical Info page in order to understand how the chat application works.

If you still have more questions please contact us through this online contact form.

Please read the Terms and conditions at the bottom of the sign up page. You cannot submit your application without accepting the terms and conditions.

The Fee and Commission Structure

Therapist will decide his/her hourly session or per session rates. 75% of this will be credited to the Therapist's account and 25% will be credited to ProvenTherapy account.

We will process Therapist's payment after 14 days of the session date and Therapist's earning will be transferred either to his/her PayPal account ($5 admin charge applies) or to his/her local bank account through wire transfer (admin charge depending bank fee) as chosen by the Therapist. For check payments the admin charge will be $10 including postage.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have.

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