How does the system work?

ProvenTherapy system works through secured channels. The steps are very simple as you can see from the table below. For accessing couseling through your computer, you don't need to download any software. You can enter the chat room through our web pages. However, if you are using your hand-held device like mobile phone or tablet, you can access therapy through our mobile app, which you can download thorugh AppStore or Google PlayStore.

Live Chat

Live Sessions - by Text, Audio and/or Video Chat*

Option A: Click chat button if Therapist is Live
Option B: Send mail to schedule appointment

Email Therapy

Charged per email response by Therapist

4. Send Mail to Therapist
5. Therapist will charge you if it is a therapeutic response

Email Subscription

Unlimited Email correspondence per week for $45 only

4. Send Mail and request weekly subscription
5. Therapist will charge you $45 for a week

* Session starts with text chat by default. You have audio and video buttons which you can choose as you feel comfortable. No additional charges for using audio/video facilities. Moreover, for increased effectiveness, we would encourage you to use audio/video facilities as much as possible.


What does the chat room look like?

See the image below:

Online Counseling Chat


Family Therapy System - Exclusive Feature of ProvenTherapy!

Marriage and Relationship issues can be addressed through our secured channels very confidentially.
Follow the simple online therapy procedure:
1. Create two separate accounts for both partners and deposit money into account.
2. Partner1 chooses Therapist and initiates chat. 
3. Therapist invites Partner2 in real time, by pressing a button. 
4. Partner2 receives invitation by email. 
5. Partner2 clicks the button displayed at the email and he/she joins the chat room with Partner1 and Therapist


If you still have any queries, you may please contact our Admin staff for support. You will receive a response within 24 hours in normal course, if not within minutes.

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