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Plenty of options! Talk to a qualified Therapist by typing or by voice or by seeing face to face through your video camera. All at your convenience and within your comfort zone! 
Take advantage of therapy wherever you are, at home or on road, at any times! Take advantage of the convenience of chatting with your Therapist... Find the top ranked Therapists at the right side panel and click the chat button. Or visit this page to see all our Therapists to pick the most suitable online counselor for you.
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What your Therapists can do for you?

They will:
  • compassionately listen to you
  • give you emotional support
  • help you to see the big picture through some analytic questions
  • help you to see the other side of things
  • help you to see the solutions and guide you through to the solution
All our Therapists are qualified in one or more disciplines including Psychology, Clinical Social Work, Counseling, and Psychotherapy.
NEW: Email therapy subscription service. Take counseling through unlimited email correspondence with your Therapist for a flat fee of $45 per week. See details here...
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