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In search of advise
Trouble with life, career, kids, significant other. I work everyday to keep a roof over our heads for four kids and their mom. And I work to keep a separate roof over my moms head, yet I feel like I am always alone. My kids hardly ever spend time with me except for me driving them to sports, school functions, shopping and eating, I'm just a chauffeur and a wallet. And their mom is a drunk which really makes it hard on all of us. I want to be my kids friend, but then I worry they have no discipline and are going to go down the wrong path. I'm really confused. I know I'm not totally alone and other people have it worst off than I do. I just somehow need to recharge my empty life battery
Posted By : Running on empty Date: 10 APR 2016

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Hello my name is Stuti, in addition to being a CBT practitioner, I also conduct NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) that teaches an individual to still dream amongst all odds in life. I would live to provide NLP sessions for you which may help you to see your life with a new perspective...:)
Response By: Stuti Pardhe Date: 10 APR 2016