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Unprofessional Therapist Jamal Hassan
Tell Jamal Hassan to leave me alone. I already told him I don't consult with mails yet he still messages me. I'm getting very angry. Better get ready to call my nurse to take me to the ER than cause I bout to get pissed off and a panic attacks usually follows. Everyone say thank you Jamal!! Damn it I'm supposed to be retired I only get angry out in the field.
Posted By : Adonis1 Date: 26 MAR 2016

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Hi Adonis
I would be happy to do therapy on the phone or Skype. I understand doing this through emails is really hard. It can be so impersonal and not hearing a persons tone and inflection in their voice really can take away from the therapy. I wish you the best
Response By: Michele Graffam Date: 13 JUN 2016


I understand that your angry right now and this happens sometime when we are not quite receiving
things in the way we would like. However, I would look deeper into the panic attacks- Panic attacks
normally come from intense frustration.  I would separate myself from matters and look at where
these changes are coming from.  Sometimes it's more than what's going on in the present.  You
are free to chose the therapist of your choice regarding the issues you need to address.  We can
assist you to look deeper into the root of your problem.  I'm sure that your ability to gain control
over your experiences are important.  We are there for you to help you reach within to get the
answers you need.  Wish you the best in finding the support that you need! Take Care!
Response By: Natasha Smith, MA, LCPC Date: 26 MAR 2016