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Anxiety and depression
I need some help with my anxiety, depression, and career.
Posted By : Nala Miller Date: 25 JUN 2013

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Dear Nala,

I'm sorry to hear about how you have been feeling. I would be happy to help you if you wish. I have worked with people who suffer from anxiety and depression in the past.

Thank you,

Response By: Linda Harris Date: 28 JUN 2013

Hi Nala,

Thank you for contacting Proven Therapy. My area of expertise is in depression. Nala, you are not alone, I can help you with your anxiety, depression and career issues. You may see my profile and contact me at to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. I look forward in working with you.

Diane Davis, LMHC
Response By: Dr. Diane Davis Date: 26 JUN 2013

Nala Hello.

You mention anxiety, depression, and career. This may be a subject for pro-active counseling. I work with clients by seeking to resolve 'real' issues (such as career) whenever possible, with the expectation that such changes are likely to cause improvement in problems with mood. If interested, contact me.
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 26 JUN 2013

Hi Nala!

Would you say your anxiety and depression are abnormal? Or natural for your circumstance? Is your job life etc giving you reasonable cause for anxiety and depression?
Response By: Eric Holmes Date: 25 JUN 2013

Hi Nala,
Thank you for writing to us. I work with anxiety  and depression and would be happy to work with you. Please view my profile and email me ( free of charge) DIRECTLY.  Please give meTWO  times and dates when you would like to chat live (you may email ANYTIME) and I will respond with one of your choices. I am in PA on US Eastern Coast and time zone, so the time you give me should be Eastern (East Coast)  as I do not know where you are located. 
Please know I offer discounted packages to allow you maximum benefit of therapy.
 Meanwhile, best wishes and congratulations in taking this important first step. 
Rodica Mihalis, M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology
Response By: Rodica Mihalis Date: 25 JUN 2013


Thank you for your inquiry.  I am available for a chat session at a time/day that is convenient for you.  --Arthur
Response By: Arthur Belmont, LMFT Date: 25 JUN 2013