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mental health
I am looking for someone to start working with my autistic son this week with his behavior issues is anyone available
Posted By : Patricia Guider Date: 28 FEB 2016

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Hello Patricia, this is Stuti from India, I have my qualifications in Masters of Social Work from the United States. I currently work with downsyndrome and learning diificulty kids, I would love to assist your Autistic son with his therapy..

Response By: Stuti Pardhe Date: 28 FEB 2016

Hello Patricia, I am sorry no one has gotten back to you.  I know he is autistic.  Please send me an email at your convenience.  And we will see what we can do.  I would like to speak to you as well.  Please stay positive and we will talk soon.  Thank you Tracie 
Response By: Tracie Timme Date: 28 FEB 2016

Hi Patricia, I just sent you a message. Are you looking for someone else? Please let me know.

Thank you,

Response By: Linda Harris Date: 28 FEB 2016