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I need help concerning infedelity
Posted By : crystal Date: 22 FEB 2016

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Hello Crystal,

We can definitely help you, can you please help me understand your problem in detail, to work out appropriate solutions....

Response By: Stuti Pardhe Date: 24 FEB 2016

Hi Crystal,

I am available at your convenience.  This is an issue I deal with a lot.

Response By: Raffi Bilek Date: 22 FEB 2016

Hi Crystal.  I'm very sorry your experiencing this.  It is a very common issue.  Is the infidelity yours or your partners?  I am available right now if you want to chat, or you can email with a time that is good for you.  Thank you for reaching out.  There are many wonderful therapists here.  We are here for you.  Take care   Tracie
Response By: Tracie Timme Date: 22 FEB 2016