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I am a 50 yr old female who has suffered with OCD/germs/and now spiritual obscessions that have kept me from living my life. I am a believer in Christ, but my mind is consumed with religious thoughts constantly. I am in need of desperate help . It has been going on way too long and I'm at wits end
Posted By : Sabrina Jo Date: 12 FEB 2016

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Dear Sabrina,
Peace.  All religions confused the healthy mind and the over dose of it really  kills the soul. The soul is by itself pure and always repent and get to good path if one listens concise. The rationalism is the essence of  peaceful life and sometimes religions play the role of a  spoiler. However I am not attacking the religion vehemently. I have done my research in the subject so i have certain findings to express too. I will take up your case  Sabrina. My email sessions my be very helpful to you. Thank you for choosing the forum proven therapy.


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 12 FEB 2016

Dear Sabrina,
Thanks for contacting the proventherapy team with your requirement for professional help. Certainly it is a tough thing to live with obsessions that take away the joy of living. I am available to work with you. Kindly select the mode of therapy that you would like to use and contact me if you wish to work with me. Kindly note we also offer an unlimited email package for one week only for $45. With good wishes
Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 12 FEB 2016

Hello Sabrina,

I'm a Christian Counselor and Pastoral Consultant. Feel free to read my bio and reach out if you'd like to work together on getting you to a better place. 

Dr. Trice
Response By: Dr. Rachelle Trice Date: 12 FEB 2016