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i think we'll rather I know I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship. I've noticed things that are leading me to believe that things could get physical. I'm not perfect by any means however as a m/h professional I'm aware of what's going on but for some stupid reason keep making excuses for my partners behavior. He mocks me, talks down to me, laughs at me, calls me all kinds of names, blames me for his behaviors and refuses to be accountable for his actions. This b s starts when he is drunk and I have observed this verbal abuse by his parents which is why I think he thinks it's ok and is normalized behavior. I'm no saint- I have called the police on him when he refused to leave my house, I also have told my Fam that we are no longer together which I know hurts him beyond belief. But, I still can't help but wonder if it is my fault. He does such nice things for me and usually makes me feel so wonderful, but the gas lighting behavior is becoming more frequent. PleAse keep my info confidential
Posted By : Winner31 Date: 25 JAN 2016

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Hello, thank for sharing your story.  Yes, it will be keep totally confidential.  I would like to setup a few sessions with you.  I hope to hear from you soon.
Response By: Tia Baxter Date: 2 FEB 2016

I can help you with details of your case and advise on what opportunities have you.You must know what is beneficial and how to resolve this situation.Next you decide.Mahi.
Response By: Mihaela Comanita Date: 26 JAN 2016

Dear Winner,

Good  luck and peace. I have gone through  your post and welcome to the forum. The last  two lines emits the positive hope that still you wish to save the marriage. So start  your initiative to bring the erring partner to the counseling couch soon, Start  your email session first or take a voice/text  session as per the convenience. Good  luck.


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 25 JAN 2016

Hello Winner31,
I'm sorry to read you are involved in an abusive relationship, but I'm really glad you reached out for help.  Of course all of your information will be confidential.  I am online now if you would like to send me a message, or you can scroll through other profiles and choose a clinician you would like to work with. 

Response By: Caroline Artley Date: 25 JAN 2016

Hello.  I am very sorry you have to go through this.  I am also very glad that you reached out to us.  We have wonderful therapists.  Please look through to find a good fit for you.  I will be back online in about an hour.  If you want to send an email as to when a good time for you is, I will make sure that I am available for you.  I look forward to chatting with.  Take care   Tracie
Response By: Tracie Timme Date: 25 JAN 2016

It sounds like you've already got a good deal of insight into this problem. I have extensive experience with relationships work and domestic abuse and would be happy to discuss the situation with you and figure out where to go from here.

Response By: Raffi Bilek Date: 25 JAN 2016