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i think we'll rather I know I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship. I've noticed things that are leading me to believe that things could get physical. I'm not perfect by any means however as a m/h professional I'm aware of what's going on but for some stupid reason keep making excuses for my partners behavior. He mocks me, talks down to me, laughs at me, calls me all kinds of names, blames me for his behaviors and refuses to be accountable for his actions. This b s starts when he is drunk and I have observed this verbal abuse by his parents which is why I think he thinks it's ok and is normalized behavior. I'm no saint- I have called the police on him when he refused to leave my house, I also have told my Fam that we are no longer together which I know hurts him beyond belief. But, I still can't help but wonder if it is my fault. He does such nice things for me and usually makes me feel so wonderful, but the gas lighting behavior is becoming more frequent. PleAse keep my info confidential
Posted By : Winner31 Date: 25 JAN 2016

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It takes great courage to identify where our weaknesses lie and to reach out for assistance. A counselor who has taken counseling for the self is in a better position to assist those he or she serves. You've taken the first step to healing and recovery. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to partner with me in helping you reach a better place. Confidentiality is guaranteed, along with understanding and nonjudgmental support. I'm available through text chat, a single email session, or an unlimited weekly email subscription. 

Best regards,
Dr. Trice
Response By: Dr. Rachelle Trice Date: 25 JAN 2016

We are all professionals, but that does not inoculate us against abuse or playing the role of a victim. We cannot help ourselves, as you know this is the basic postulate of mental health, we need help by others when we are in a crisis.
I think from your message that you first need to explore the extent to which you are 'no saint' in this relationship. Once this is established it will be clearer exactly how you should view your partner. Your are obviously agitated by the developments, and I think the involvement of a child (your Fam is your daughter?) is very bad indeed. This requires a frank discussion without prejudice. Things need to be laid out clearly to see if the relationship has a chance of succeeding against the odds or not. You need to examine yourself first, starting from your actions, and only then to proceed to discuss his violence. In this way you will avoid guilty feelings afterwards if there is a break up. And maybe there shouldn't be one. Let's not rush to conclusions.
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 25 JAN 2016

Dear winner,
It's ironic that no matter who we are or how intelligent. We still get into these complicated situations. That is why it's great that you are seeking support. I am here for you to support you to make the change towards a life and relationship that you want and deserve. It really can happen. Have hope! Please contact me to talk.

Response By: Linda Harris Date: 25 JAN 2016