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online counseling programs available that accept Tricare?
I feel like my marriage is on the brink of disaster. This has been ongoing for several years. As a result I fell like I'm in a downward spiral and keep slipping further and further down the hole. I work away from my wife during the week and fly back home every other weekend. Are there any online counseling programs available for us that accept Tricare?
Posted By : Depressed Date: 10 JAN 2016

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Hello, honestly, I'm not sure about your insurance question.  However, I would love to setup a few sessions with you, with the hopes of helping you sort out your marriage concerns.  I look forward to our future sessions.
Response By: Tia Baxter Date: 2 FEB 2016

Yes, you can access your Military OneSource benefit (separate from Tricare). They offer online sessions. I am a provider for them and have several online clients with them from around the globe. You are eligible for 12 sessions.   - - Arthur Belmont 
Response By: Arthur Belmont, LMFT Date: 10 JAN 2016

I would love to chat with, but I am sorry, I am not capable of accepting insurance.  I'm sure one of these wonderful therapists are able to though.  Again I am sorry.  Please take care and stay positive.    Tracie
Response By: Tracie Timme Date: 10 JAN 2016