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Interview opportunity for professional counselor
Hello graduate student is seeking to interview a counseling professional should take more than an hour. I would like to ask questions regarding integration of career counseling in their practice. Please no one over $65.00/hour rate as I'm a student and can't afford to speak to more expensive counselors. All information in our exchange is used for a paper for a career counseling class. The only people who will read information we discuss are professor and I. The whole purpose of the interview is for myself to learn more about clinical counseling and career counseling in practice. Thank you!
Posted By : mcstudent Date: 28 SEP 2015

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Good Evening,

I do apologize that I am just now replying to this message. I have had a very busy weeks. I only charge $60 an hours and you will not have to make any deals. I can talk to you about career counseling from the aspect of EAP counseling and services. I would in managed care (insurance) and we do EAP counseling from time to time. Good Luck and let me know if I can help. 

Tamara Taylor, LPC, NCC
Response By: Tamara Taylor, LPC, NCC, CHC Date: 3 OCT 2015

Hello, My name is Stuti.Pardhe, I am a CBT expert and a Career Counselor. I would love to be part of your interview process, and since you are a student, let's make it $50, as I have been in your shoes. Thanks...look forward to your reply Stuti
Response By: Stuti Pardhe Date: 29 SEP 2015