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Me again..
I know I'm stupid here to do this.. But I'm scared.. And I'm looking for Prof. Aleksandar Fatic... e.e I had a question, but I read and it says, Email charge. $30, so to send an email to you, it's 30$?.. e.e cause I clicked reply.. and I had to make an account.. So I have to pay $30 to reply?.. and I'm sorry, I don't think I got your second message, I hope you can reply to this if you see it.. I'm Yui, If you remember me..
Posted By : Yui Date: 13 JUN 2013

If you are a therapist , Please login here to respond.
Hello yui,
Please go to prof.aleksandra's profile and mail.. You will be able to chat / share privately..
All the best to you

Response By: Dr. Sharanya Dinesh Date: 13 JUN 2013

Hi Yui,
If you want to discuss personal and sensitive issues with Prof. Aleksandar, please sign up, visit Prof. Aleksandar's profile, and send him private message through his profile. Message sent through his profile will be completely confidential.
All the best!
Response By: Dr MG Lazarus Date: 13 JUN 2013

Yui, we cannot go into session here, this is a public forum. The only way is to approach me via chat. If this is not possible I advise you to seek assistance in person, because if you do not, the cutting problem may persist and may escalate. It is absolutely essential that you seek counseling in whatever form it may be available to you, but not at this public forum.
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 13 JUN 2013