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Requesting a therapists.
Posted By : jackson Date: 2 JUL 2015

If you are a therapist , Please login here to respond.
Please contact me via email or on IM. 

Response By: Jamie Sclafani Date: 3 JUL 2015

Good morning, 
Finding a therapist is hard work. You need to find one that meets your needs if I can work with you please let me know.
Response By: Kari Schulz Date: 3 JUL 2015

Dear  Jack,
Good wishes for peace.
The one line is  so simple but indicates the gravity of the issue. Ours is the platform of experts whom you shall confide with. Please choose  your therapist from the online availability and your time zone. I live in GMT+ 0800 hrs .You shall fix an appointment too with me. To start with you shall take an email package. Wish to help you.

Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 3 JUL 2015

How can I help you Jackson ?
Response By: Bill Herrera, Ph.D. Date: 2 JUL 2015

Greetings Jackson,

In your quest to find a therapist, try to match your needs with someone who has expressed skills or experience in the same area. This may help narrow down your selection process. Best wishes of help and healing to you.

Dr. Vaughan
Response By: Dr. Rachelle Trice Date: 2 JUL 2015

Hello Jackson.  There are many great people to choose from.  Please take a look at everyone to find a good fit for needs.  I am online now if you feel I will be able to help you.  Thank you Tracie
Response By: Tracie Timme Date: 2 JUL 2015