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I have been super depressed for the last couple of days that I've been unable to even make it into work. After my session, I was wondering if I would be able to obtain a note from you, so that I can give it to my employer.
Posted By : gallonofh20 Date: 30 JUN 2015

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Yes I could write you a note regarding our session. I would really like to know more about your depression. Please email me or message me on the instant messenger. 


Response By: Jamie Sclafani Date: 4 JUL 2015

How can I help you ?
Response By: Bill Herrera, Ph.D. Date: 2 JUL 2015


Yes I could write a note, but I'd really like to know more about your depression and if something triggered it. Also how urgent it is.

Take care 

Response By: Linda Harris Date: 30 JUN 2015