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I'm an African American woman seeking a counselor who can relate to work place hostility and toxicity stemming from racism. This has caused me a great deal of PTSD symptoms. I recently was told to resign or face termination. Due to the oppressive bullied environment I endured for 10 months, I need assistance to move beyond this situation and find hope for re-establishing good thoughts of self and finding strength to reintegrate back into the employment sector without fear and underlying dysfunctional symptoms of stress causing continuum of harm. Thank you!
Posted By : Joy Date: 20 MAR 2015

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Hello Joy,

I am sorry to hear about your experience in getting bullied. I am also sorry that you are experiencing the Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. I would love to help you. Usually I have been implementing the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This therapy is geared to correct your thoughts and help you transform the thought process through the exchange of thoughts. I would love to talk to you more for definite. If you would like to take a session with me kindly buzz me about the same. Regards....

Response By: Stuti Pardhe Date: 20 MAY 2015

"Everything is color distinguishes us. We have the same heart, same blood and the same soul."
Toxic behavior on the horizon!
Today an employee leaves, two tomorrow, after tomorrow another one ... maybe three more in a month ...I know and I understand you well.Racism is a global virus.
But what makes some people to be racists, or think themselves superior to others since they do not hold any upper or legal right to offend or humiliate voice, or less involuntarily?My opinion is that a racist person has a low IQ, and this may be enteritis and because of fear, or its poor emotional state.Fortunately, world and science evolving at a dizzying pace fast, but the dark side is that the mentality of some people stagnating.
Racism existed and will exist because people were not and are never satisfied with what they have always tried to be authoritarian and rule over the weak, but never forget that regardless of whether someone is white, black or yellow, all We are people.Racism or discrimination, is the most primitive and rough action that was born in the midst of humanity.
,,, God is not racist '"Then why are people?
Write me an email so I can advise and teach you what to do.You will have the answers that matter to you.God bless you,Mahi.
Response By: Mihaela Comanita Date: 2 MAY 2015

Dear Joy,

Peace and tranquility in out and everywhere. We long for that only in life  hence I greet  as my wish too. If achieved your name and parents expectation has  more meaning. Ten months  are  long duration to resist a  blunt  merciless and  brutal force to change by itself  for the sake of  peace and equality. That made your status worst and redress was  not  found hence you are  found here. We give a soothing chance  to  offer the interventions and coping strategies at proventherapy  platform. I am available  mostly online and live in GMT+0800 hrs  zone. But I shall be available at  your  convenience for the voice or  chat  session. You shall ask for an email session as the  matter  is  mostly dealt well  there.  Good luck.


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 21 MAR 2015

Although as you know Joy, our society has come along way since Selma and still pervasive, systemic and institutionalized racism, coupled with white privilege, flourishes in the work place as you have experienced. Yes, the symptoms of PTSD do exist, and they occurred once your safety, security and stability at work was threatened by the abuse of power and control. Smart to seek out therapy, so you can continue to move forward, since that's the only direction life goes in..... Sending you positive energy! Pat Sumlin 
Response By: Pat Sumlin, LMFT Date: 20 MAR 2015

Hello Joy, I'm an African American female who has experienced racism in the workplace. Please read my profile and reach out if you'd like to connect. Best regards, Dr. Vaughan
Response By: Dr. Rachelle Trice Date: 20 MAR 2015

Hello Joy,

One of the problems with the racist agression at work place is the denial of racism culturally. That is why it is difficult to deal with trauma inflicted by racism in societies which deny that they have a structural problem with racism. In essence the trauma from racism is connected with a crisis of trust and the resulting sense of vulnerabilitu. If you wish to talk about this I am available in 15 minutes or tomorrow the same time.
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 20 MAR 2015

Hi Joy,

Sorry to hear about your situation.  While I am neither African-American nor female, I can certainly relate to the problem you're describing and help you figure out how to deal with it. I am online now if you'd like to speak or you can write back if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

All the best,

Response By: Raffi Bilek Date: 20 MAR 2015