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Need to rid myself of a fetish
Posted By : sam Date: 11 MAR 2015

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"Bible of Psychiatry", as it is called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental illness, not mental disorders within the chapter fetish, but neither is viewed favorably, because in the book habit is associated with deviant sexual behavior, prone violence and immoral gestures.
Fetish is called paraphilia and sexual deviance by definition that includes sexual fetishes feet, sadism, masochism, eating erogenous zones of the body or even pedophilia (sexual intercourse with a minor).In sexual fetishism inanimate objects are preferred or sole means for sexual arousal. The disorder can hide and normal sexual behavior. Usually begin in adolescence fetishism; It is seen particularly in men.
Over all, fetish include serious sins which adds to the cross of your life.Besides overtakes you, sooner or later you will feel the results of this practice.Mahi.
Response By: Mihaela Comanita Date: 2 MAY 2015

Dear  Sam,

Good day. Thank you for  being frank in admitting your issue  with the therapist forum and willing to  seek proventherapists here. How old are  you? and how long you suffer  this  mild deviancy issue?  We shall  consider  the  issue  with its all dimensions .Trust there is a sure cure  and you may  lead a healthy private and public life in harmony with nature and sex orientations. Feel secure  about your sexuality and  the let out ways. Please initiate  a  email communication with me first. I am available  for  you here. I shall adapt your  time zone. I live in GMT+0800 hrs.
Thank you  for  reading this suggestion.
Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 12 MAR 2015

Hi Sam,
Thank you for contacting Proven Therapy.
Fetishes are symptoms. In other words, they don't happen in a vacuum.
Imagine a tree which has roots and branches with leaves.
Imagine the fetish(es) are the leaves on the tree branches. Would the leaves be green if it weren't for the roots to nourish them?  
Are you willing to address the roots? 
If your answer is yes, feel free to email me by clicking the green email icon next to my picture and name and we could discuss the options available.
Thank you.
Rodica Mihalis, M.S.       
Response By: Rodica Mihalis Date: 11 MAR 2015

Dear Sam,

Give me a call or send an email and we can work trying to address that problem.
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 11 MAR 2015