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My girlfriend and I are interested in some couples counseling. Since we both have slightly different work schedules it would be nice to have a therapist that is flexible in timing as well.
Posted By : Concerned couple Date: 9 MAR 2015

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Dear  friend,
Welcome to  the forum. It is  our  pleasure  to serve  you both at proven therapy. I adapt  your time schedule for your  convenience. First  take a one-one single session for you and later for partner; then we shall  fix up a joint  session. That will  be good. If  you wish to break the ice with a  email  well  I shall arrange that as an opening, free of  cost. Thank you.



Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 10 MAR 2015

You are to be congratulated for taking the first step and contacting Proven Therapy.
Indeed, online counseling has many advantages. Flexibility, along with privacy and affordability are a few of the many advantages. 
May I suggest that you take a moment to read the professional information provided by the counselors on the site and email privately to the one which seems to be a good match for your needs.
Your first private email and my response to you are free.
 I believe when a couple makes a commitment, they should be honored by being offered a sliding scale, which is affordable.
Best wishes,
Rodica Mihalis, M.S.
Response By: Rodica Mihalis Date: 9 MAR 2015

Thanks for reaching out!!  I would be happy to work with both of you in regards to couples counseling.  Are you looking for email therapy or phone?  I am able to be flexible and we can set up times to talk. 

Please let me know i fyou would be interested in working with me.



Response By: Kari Schulz Date: 9 MAR 2015

Hello Concerned Couple,

Are you looking for a phone call for when you are both home or an on-going email conversation where you can each check in when you are home and add to the conversation. You can pay for a week of this which may be beneficial. Then the therapy session is in writing for you both to keep and refer to. This is why I like this option.

Gina Lorenzo
Response By: Gina Lorenzo Date: 9 MAR 2015

Thanks for contacting the proventherapy team with your requirement for professional help. I am ready to help you with a flexible schedule. Kindly let me know which time zone are you in and when do you prefer your sessions. 
Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 9 MAR 2015


I am happy to work with the two of you on a flexible schedule.  Tell me more about what's going on and let's see what we can do to help!

Response By: Raffi Bilek Date: 9 MAR 2015