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Nihilism, philosophy, mind disorientation
Hey guys. I don't really have any money right now. But I know I need your help. Please ! I am begging I've been living in a false sense of reality and I know it and I need to get out of it.
Posted By : Tshelton Date: 2 NOV 2014

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Dear Shelton,

This is a paid service platform hence you pay at least 50% of my fee. I shall make an arrangement. I shall give  you a free email service after one paid service  session on the merit of your case. Take care. 


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 3 NOV 2014

Dear Tshelton,
Thank you for contacting us with your very interesting existential dilemma!  It's exactly the sort of subject that I specialize in.  "Reality" is a funny thing, an elusive construct, somewhat relative, and IMO perhaps a bit over-rated.  Of course, an understanding of "consensus reality" is extremely useful in our everyday functioning in society.  I would be happy to explore the issue with you.  Unfortunately, you and I have something in common in that I, too, don't have any money right now, but in any case, as Dr. Lazarus has stated, ProvenTherapy cannot provide free services.  However, we do offer unlimited email therapy for $45 per week, which hopefully would be affordable to you.  If indeed your entire reality is at stake, I think it might be worth the $45 investment.  If so, feel free to contact me.  All the best to you!  
Response By: Sister Jamie Brown Date: 2 NOV 2014

Dear Tshelton,
When a Therapist provides counseling service to a client, the same Therapist is taking up the clinical responsibility on to him/her. So, this service is very serious in its nature and hence cannot be free unfortunately.
Due to the same reason, ProvenTherapy would not allow its Therapists to give free service to clients through this platform.
As one of our Therapists Jamie Buff pointed out, you can take the economic option of unlimited email therapy subscription if you want.
Thank you.
Response By: Dr MG Lazarus Date: 2 NOV 2014

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us at Proventherapy. Without knowing the specifics of the situation it is difficult to know the type of help you are seeking. We are not able to offer free services, however, we do have unlimited weekly email subscriptions as an option outside of our hourly rates. 


Response By: Jamie Sclafani Date: 2 NOV 2014