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Urgently need someone to talk to
20, married to a foreigner in his 30's, moved to his country. Not so much with the difficulty in adjusting, but the general difficulty of being alive. Has history of bullying and severe depression, as well as self-harm.
Posted By : Mi Date: 7 OCT 2014

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Hi Mi,

Good wishes for your stability and well being. Have you got a counselor of your choice at PT. If you still did not find one  just contact me I am on line now. Else contact through email with full case history. I shall help you Mi. Thank you for choosing PT and and  our services.


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 8 OCT 2014

Mi, I see that you are not sleeping. Your message is sent 4 a.m. Anxiety takes a great toll on your energy and makes life difficult and exhausting. I also see that you are talking about yourself in third person voice: "has a history of depression" etc. This is characteristic of situations where people have undergone therapy before and have learned to treat themselves as a medical case: the medicalized language speaks volumes about how you perceive yourself.

I think you need to try and take some control of your life through supportive counseling and explore your sources of motivation in everyday life. Contact me privately and we can start working on this soon.
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 8 OCT 2014

Dear Friend,
Thank you for contacting the proventherapy team with your need for professional help. It is a difficult phase when one feels the 'difficulty of being alive.' I can help you to explore what is going on with your life and to find ways to make it better. Contact me after registering with proventherapy. 
Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 7 OCT 2014

Why don't you just click on my name and I can help you?

Eve Barton,

Response By: Eve Barton, M.Ed., LPC, LLC Date: 7 OCT 2014