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I am left in middle
I m left in middle My husband and me shifted to a new place because his family used to trouble us.he never forgot his family and was keen to talk to them always,I used to ignore but when he didn't stop we had fights.i use to be annoyed and told m Him dats he doesn't have to hide.he never use to talk to me but ignore me.i started fighting with him coz he use to lie to me and talk to his family.the stage comes when I begged him started beating myself and when he use to stop me I used to push him and slapped him once.he has left me in his house.i can't go to my parents because people will talk and I have nobody except him in this new place
Posted By : Abc Date: 1 SEP 2014

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Dear ABC,
Please contact me for help in resolving matters related to family and other issues affecting your marriage.  
Response By: Gillian Murray-Lyn, LCSW Date: 2 SEP 2014

What would you like to happen in this situation? That is the question you would need to think about. I you want to talk to me about it please schedule an appointment and we will try to work through this difficult situation.

Aleksandar Fatic
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 2 SEP 2014

So sorry you are in this situation. 
I will do my very best to help you see clearer this situation. See the good and the bad, and that there are options. I could suggest options, but ultimately you will have to chose what fits you best.
There are several  very affordable and effective option. One of which is unlimited email subscription for a total of $45 a week. Under this option you could write an unlimited number of email and I will respond at least once a day. This option is design to really help  for a very affordable fee and if you choose it,  register FIRST, click on email option next to my name and we could email through the safe PT Messenger system. You MUST register first.
Wishing you good luck.
Rodica Mihalis, M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology
Response By: Rodica Mihalis Date: 1 SEP 2014

I would like to help you. If you go to my profile and click online chat you will be able to instant message me with your registered name. 
Response By: Jamie Sclafani Date: 1 SEP 2014