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I m left in middle
My husband and me shifted to a new place because his family used to trouble us.he never forgot his family and was keen to talk to them always,I used to ignore but when he didn't stop we had fights.i use to be annoyed and told m
Him dats he doesn't have to hide.he never use to talk to me but ignore me.i started fighting with him coz he use to lie to me and talk to his family.the stage comes when I begged him started beating myself and when he use to stop me I used to push him and slapped him once.he has left me in his house.i can't go to  my parents because people will talk and I have nobody except him in this new place
Posted By : gareemakhannna Date: 1 SEP 2014

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I can help you with your current marital issues please do not hesitate to contact me in the evening hours 6-9pm. thanks, Carmen Fernandez
Response By: Carmen Fernandez Date: 11 SEP 2014

Dear Gareema,

You know we are different from other culture in parent care and relationships. (our in- law  relationship is also very complex, that also I must add here). What is this new place a new country??. You shall be very careful at this juncture to save your marriage. You shall start with email service available with all of us(marital counselors). Please choose me if you are comfortable with me as I understand our culture and its values. I declare  I am pragmatic in approach and practical views and would suggest very constructive points in our sessions. Be brave and hopeful to win back your spouse in spite of your aberrations. It is common in marital life  there use to be some personal  and in law issues. Be open minded please . Communicate further for paid sessions for one on one sessions.Hope there are no children for you both. Anyway Good Luck.


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 1 SEP 2014

It seems as though you are having some domestic issues in your relationship. I would be willing to help you through this. Please email me or instant message me today. 

Response By: Jamie Sclafani Date: 1 SEP 2014