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Help needed
I am very depressed and tired over the current issues in my life . I want to talk to a female therapist about my issues  but its difficult for me to start explaining in detail as I am afraid of talking to new people. Can any therapist here work at my pace and be non-judgmental?
Posted By : fiona Date: 28 AUG 2014

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Hi Fiona, we have a great selection of female counselors on-board so please review our profile to see with whom you will be comfortable the most. Stay positive, Juni 
Response By: Juni Shrestha Date: 29 AUG 2014

I am a female therapist with many years of experience. please do not hesitate to contact me. Our contact is confidential. I am available most evenings. You can reach me via email if you would enjoy that pace as compared to instant chat which will give you a chance to gather your thoughts at your own relaxed pace without the possible pressure of instant chat. thank you.
Response By: Carmen Fernandez Date: 28 AUG 2014

I would be happy to help you through your situation in a non-judgmental fashion. Please contact me via email or instant message :) 


Response By: Jamie Sclafani Date: 28 AUG 2014



Please feel free to contact me regarding therapy. I will be happy to assist you and provide a healthy and non-judgemental therapy environment for you. Please take time to review my profile.



Thank you,


Donna Nickerson, LCSW

Response By: Donna Nickerson Date: 28 AUG 2014

Dear Fiona,
Trust is the most important part of the therapeutic relationship and we can work together on your issues with your peace of mind that our communications are strictly confidential with no judgement.  Please contact me for the help you may need.  

Response By: Gillian Murray-Lyn, LCSW Date: 28 AUG 2014

Dear Fiona,

Good wishes. Proven Therapist is the safest and confidential site where the admin and members are through professionals driven by their zeal and dedication to help the needy. Moreover we are gender free and empathize individuals as individuals  and not biased. We are neutral to our clients. So you may choose the counselor either from males or females. I wish to help you in your issues believing in my ice breaking and rapport making skills. Please contact me  for further services or email services which might help you better if you are dumb struck with anxiety in the initial stages.  I am sure you would be better after three sessions of counseling positively. Take care.
Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 28 AUG 2014

Hello Fiona, I understand your apprehension and I am willing to work with you in this case. I am available currently so you are welcome to come and discuss your issues. Thank You
Response By: Stuti Pardhe Date: 28 AUG 2014

Dear Fiona,

I would be happy to support you during this challenging time. I have lots of experience working with depression and I am a female therapist. Seeking for help is the first step to getting better and wanting to change the way you feel. Talking to new people can be daunting but I can assure you that I can provide you with a non judgmental and secure place where you can explore what is troubling you. Feel free to contact me for a confidential chat. 
Response By: Christina Baxevani Date: 28 AUG 2014

Dear Fiona,
Thank you for reaching out. It is a step of great courage, especially that, as you explain, it is not easy to speak with new people.
Please review my professional and life experiences, listed on Proven Therapy. Life humbled me sufficient times to make me a flexible and non-judgmental  not only counselor, but human being in my daily life.
Proven Therapy has many flexible programs, to meet our clients' needs. The one I'd suggest for you, which in my opinion fits what you described, is the unlimited email subscription, at the beginning a very convenient program. Unlimited weekly emails for a total of $45 a week. To explain, you may take your time and write me as much and as many times as you wish. I will respond once a day, discuss what you shared and make suggestions. I think this would be ideal for you and it will also give you the opportunity to see if we have a good connection, based on trust, patience and non-judgment.
 If you decide to start with the subscription option (which after a while, at your leisure may be combined with sessions of  live text or live telephone, or only live sessions, as you are in control. In the future, for privacy reasons, please first sign in your secure, safe account so that we could speak through a safe environment. I could help you and this suggestion is the most inexpensive and  could be done at your pace.
Best wishes.I look forward to your communications. Should you decide to write me  an email, please click on the email icon next to my name, and I will receive the email directly and in private.
Rodica Mihalis, MS Counseling and Clinical Psychology

Response By: Rodica Mihalis Date: 28 AUG 2014

Hello, I saw your posted message and would like the opportunity to work with you in therapy. Please read my bio and see if you think I may be able to assist you. One of the favorable comments I receive from my clients are my ability to listen nonjudgmentally and having insight that uncovers the root cause of pain and distress. Till we talk again, take care of yourself, and remember dark nights don't last always. Your morning will come. :-)
Dr. Vaughan
Response By: Dr. Rachelle Trice Date: 28 AUG 2014