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i got married 7 month ago and my husband has nothing sexually to do with me he goes to bed and nothing he just goes to sleep
Posted By : sarah Date: 19 MAY 2014

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Hi Sarah,

I tried to reply to you.

 Would you like to explore this further? We can talk about why he might have a lack of sexual drive and what you can do but I can't do this without a payment. For $45 you can have a weekly subscription. I can respond a few times a week. The site will not allow me to help without the payment though.



Response By: Gina Lorenzo Date: 19 MAY 2014

It sounds to me that if he were willing, couple therapy could be beneficial for the two of you. If not it would be important for you to start exploring this issue with someone. 
Response By: Tamara Petrelli Date: 19 MAY 2014

This requires some depth of exploration for understanding and working through. As Gina suggested working as a couple would be ideal. However exploring the issue in the larger context of the relationship is essential before any manner of understanding and work can begin! Good luck! Feel free to inform us of your schedule and any way that we can make sessions more convenient and effective for you!

Eric Holmes
Response By: Eric Holmes Date: 19 MAY 2014

Is he willing to come on this website and discuss this? Did you know about this before you got married? How would you feel about exploring this further? it could be physical, emotional or something else.

Gina Lorenzo

Response By: Gina Lorenzo Date: 19 MAY 2014