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Need someone to help me
I'm looking for someone to help me with weight loss, and the mental obstacles associated with it. I'm also looking for help with self esteem and someone who will really hold me accountable and yet genuinely care. I need that "tough love" approach from a neutral person outside of my friends and family. I feel like I'm at a point where if I don't do something NOW about these things that the consequences will be drastic. And yet I have self sabotaging habits that prevent me from doing something now. Please help me.
Posted By : Dkhtc Date: 11 APR 2014

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You've come to the right place!  Many caring and supportive therapists here.

As a yoga teacher and holistic wellness counselor, I would be happy to help you reach your physical and mental goals.  We could either do this by chat or email; the latter is the most convenient as well as least expensive.  Please let me know if I can be of help.  
Response By: Sister Jamie Brown Date: 12 APR 2014

You have taken the first and most important step through recognizing the need for change. Congratulate yourself on this. This empowers you and will help you to take further steps. It is what we believe about ourselves that is perhaps the most important thing. Believe that you are a special, unique person who can have high self-esteem - and believe that asking for help is one of the things that shows how special you are - and you will start the process of recovery. Regarding the self-sabotage - human beings have a tendency toward something called "homeostasis", that is the inertia that keeps us within a situation or lifestyle even if we know that a change would be better.

Change leads to territory that is by definition unknown, and thus somewhat frightening.

I would be happy to help with the processes of change that you have identified, as I am sure my colleagues would too. My best wishes for the future.


Response By: Dr. Graham Dixon Date: 12 APR 2014

Weight loss can be a rollercoaster of a journey. You are taking the first step in admitting that you need help to overcome this. I would suggest starting with small goals first. You can also set up supportive counseling weekly to track progress.

Response By: Jamie Sclafani Date: 12 APR 2014

Hi D,
You sound as though you're ready to make a change and this is great! Motivation and being, "sick and tired of ....." your situation is the perfect point for making significant changes.
I've worked extensively with clients struggling with eating disorders of all kinds, and while you might not feels your situation falls into the category of an "eating disorder" we are talking about difficulties with weight, food, self esteem, and perhaps additional underlying emotional issues.    

I would love to help you and i can guarantee that there is hope and there are ways to restructure your way of thinking, problem solving and developing new habits to lead you to a healthier and happier place!

Response By: Morgan Sutton, LPC Date: 12 APR 2014

Dear D,
Hello! When the iron is hot strike it to straighten it. We would give all possible support to  you. If you find me as a suitable therapist among our proven therapists I have wonderful one on one program for you and I shall supply well proved food supplements after studying your food intake and the calorie calculation on daily basis Ok?. Please speak more what are your personal issues related to your weight problems and the determination to shed weight shall be worked out on a weekly basis and monitoring. Thank you for choosing proven therapy as the right way for healthy life.
All the best.

Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 12 APR 2014

You're on the right track! I just found myself engaged with an entire group that helps to support and encourage each other online. I hope we can help you focus and take charge of your life - just remember we want to empower you not control you -
Response By: Eric Holmes Date: 11 APR 2014