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carreer fustration
I am 25 for last 3 year after my master degree i its like i have been left behind by the world..i was suoppsed to be great student..task acheved in my university days..but since last 3 years jobs switches make me nothing lose my confidence saving skill...everything ..m motivated but where i should start i dnt need but realistis not bookish thanks
Posted By : shakb Date: 24 MAR 2014

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You hit the Brick wall!!! And it hurts in so many ways.  I understand the feelings of frustration and the dream being shattered.  But it's okay...You have to look at the inward person you are...and believe in yourself and find little things you can do to help you achieve the satisfaction you are looking for.  I would enjoy the opportunity of working with you or best of luck to you if you feel someone is better fit for your needs.
Response By: Kari Schulz Date: 25 MAR 2014

hello shakb,
Career satisfaction is the key to a happy life in many ways. And I can understand your frustration too. You seek a corrective action which is the ideal way to address your situation. Please choose a therapist of your choice, I am sure all of us are well equipped to help you and guide you towards being more confident and assured.
All the best. don't waste anymore precious time in dilemma and confusion. seek help at the earliest.
Response By: Dr. Sharanya Dinesh Date: 24 MAR 2014

Dear Shakb,

Thanks for contacting the proventherapy team with your concerns. I can understand how much are troubled with your career during the last three years. It appears you did very well at the University and you are satisfied with your achievements. However, that sense of achievement and satisfaction you did not experience with career due to switching jobs often. It appears you have not found a place where you can get that sense of satisfaction. Now you are looking for realistic practical help in order to find your direction in your professional life. You say you are motivated but not sure where to start. You have to share a bit more about you, your experiences, and your frustrations so that the counsellor can respond specifically to your concerns. 

With the information that you shared here, let me say the following: 
You were satisfied with the University achievements but that kind of experience you could not achieve at work. You take time to find out why? Is there a big gap between your expectations and the real work culture? Review your skills (you are an achiever) and try to employ them at work. It appears intellectually and emotionally you are stuck. Can you manage to get you out of this stuck situation? Do you need professional help?

I am available for further discussion through online help (voice or text chat) or email. Please check our one week email package for helping persons with financial constraints.
With Good Wishes

Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 24 MAR 2014

Hello Shakb,

It sounds as though you're frustrated by your career and also confused about your direction in life, defining your goals and how to get yourself back on a track that is achievable and satisfying. Many of us lose our way at times throughout our lives. I believe counseling could help you to resolve your issues by clarifying your thoughts and emotions, identifying the "blocks" and then making decisions about resolving issues that are standing in your way, and/or moving in new directions. If i can be of help, feel free to let me know. Meanwhile let me wish you the best of luck!

Morgan Sutton, LPC
Response By: Morgan Sutton, LPC Date: 24 MAR 2014