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Afraid I have OCD.
I'm so confused if I have OCD or not and I can't see a therapist personally neither can I afford online sessions. I just want one [free] session to figure out if I have it or not, can anyone help me? Please. Thank you very much.
Posted By : Queen Date: 12 FEB 2014

If you are a therapist , Please login here to respond.

 hello if you cant afford any session I will suggest you internet surfing to know more about OCD, by reading articles here you may probe if you have OCD or not.

All the best


Aparna Rana

Response By: Aparna Rana Date: 2 MAR 2014

Dear Queen,
It is a difficult thing to live with any kind of fear whether real or imagined. I understand that you need to talk to one of the therapists and you dont have money to afford. Kindly send me a detailed email with specific details about your fears and anxieties. I will respond to your mail free of cost. We do not want you to suffer without help; kindly send me the detailed mail with all necessary and relevant information that I need to understand your situation. 
Dr. Joseph George 
Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 13 FEB 2014

Dear  Queen,
Greetings. First of all don't get panic and don't nomenclature yourself.As self medication is bad most of the times  self diagnosis also lead to complication. As  modern life adds more stress in our system some times the system manifest some false alarms like the symptoms you observed. lack of sleep, lack of concentration, absentmindedness, forgetfulness, and some symptoms  associated to morbid conditions like disorientation, doubtfulness etc. I read and observed that,  if you could not afford our fee, please  take a refreshing outing for at least two nights with partner and  have a good support and assurance from relationship. Things will be much better and bright when you resume your routine. All the best. come back here to record your status.
Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 13 FEB 2014