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Female mysoginist
Can a woman born from a lesbian become a mysognist?
Posted By : Nichole cat Date: 15 DEC 2013

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Good morning Nichole,

Your question is an interesting one. A misogynist; a hater of women,could be the biological child of a homosexual or a heterosexual, and so the simple answer to your question is "yes." Gender preference of ones biological parents is not a direct link to ones feelings about men or women. These feelings derive, instead, from a combination of factors including: circumstances in which one was raised, parenting styles, attitudes and experiences within the child's environment and the way the child internalized all of this during their upbringing/formative years, and early adulthood. If you are interested in discussing this further, regarding how all these factors relate to you specifically, please contact me to begin counseling, in a variety of formats. Weekly email subscriptions are now available as well. 

Good luck to you! Morgan
Response By: Morgan Sutton, LPC Date: 15 DEC 2013

Hi Nichole,
It is late  at night here on the East Coast and I just read your question. It is a complex question which deserve more than a yes or no answer because so many factors must be discussed in order to get to the truth and eliminate confusion.My question one is why do you feel you are a mysoginist and how, and why do you connect this to being born of a lesbian. I'd love to work with you. Please read my credential and special packages on line and if interested please email me privately with two option for appointments. Best, Rodica

Response By: Rodica Mihalis Date: 15 DEC 2013

Ultimately what you are asking is can a person hate their own self.
Fear, jealousy, prejudice are not gender related - nor are they based on sexual orientation.
Yes a women born from a lesbian can be a misogynist or someone who hates women.

We all have self defeating behaviors. As we realize they are interfering with our lives we
can reach out for help in navigating through these self defeating thoughts and behaviors.
That's what we therapists are here for.
Response By: Eric Holmes Date: 15 DEC 2013


Good afternoon. If I am right you have gone for a self  analysis. Otherwise my response is for you as  case specific. The hatred stems from the (mis) identity  or inadequacy of her own self as woman. Both the genders have their strength and weakness. The  self  gender identity is fulcrum  point and when all these factors related development  are well  settled there is no room for hatred (on the lesbian mother or whatever). Lesbianism  is only a sexual preference so as to say of modern era in sex  conference and current legalization  also establishes their rights. We all have to accept that  too. So what is the point in blaming motherhood?. Was she a person who did her role as the mother well and cared  well that is all. Under  the maturation of years, the offspring shall accept the orientation of her mother  too. So the faulty leaning of the value system creates this aberration in attitude. There are likely number of possibilities  who took  birth from normal mothers too. Mysognist is an idea develops from inadequate self  realization and understanding self. ( My clinical experience holds weightage here). Hope you take it your mind sincerely and educate the person or guide her to the sessions. If that is you Well Niclole, shall be educated  in few  sessions with the clear analysis and open mind for new and correct learning of developing self. 


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 15 DEC 2013