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kid friendly
free and kid friendly
Posted By : padfoot Date: 9 DEC 2013

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Hi Padfoot,
Good  afternoon. Counselors  deal sincerely and carefully  while speaking  to them. As  you are a  parent I am empathetic with you and understand  your worry. Please  initiate with emails describing  the details to build a clear  case history to make my self ready with the appropriate counselling session for  a rapport building and mutual trust. Hope you will take the  initiative.


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 12 DEC 2013

Kid friendly sure, but free, no. that would be unethical. 
Email sessions are the cheapest option incase you are interested
Response By: Dr. Sharanya Dinesh Date: 10 DEC 2013

My expertise is working with children.  I am not able to work for free but I would be willing to help out.  There is a $45 a week for unlimited emails sessions.  That could be pretty beneficial as far as cost goes. 
Response By: Kari Schulz Date: 9 DEC 2013