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My Eating Disorder
I would like a woman to talk to about my eating disorder.
Posted By : jewel Date: 2 DEC 2013

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Hi Jewel,  I work often with people who have eating disorders and I would be happy to work with you around this issue.  I am available for regularly scheduled sessions.  Thanks for reaching out.  Susan Wooldridge LCMHC
Response By: Susan Wooldridge LCMHC Date: 3 DEC 2013

Hello Jewel,

What leads you to believe you have an eating disorder? Are you self conscious about your body? I don't want to ask too many personal questions but would like to help you. We can chat here for a bit if you'd like or in private. Thank you for choosing  
Response By: Margarita Donies, LMHC Date: 2 DEC 2013