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I'm thinking of getting a divorce. I need counselling.
Posted By : Brid Gele Date: 14 NOV 2013

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Hello Brid,
The fact that you wish to understand your situation and are seeking help is great. Such times are confusing and we all need help, suggestions and a neutral party perspective.Please chose a therapist and immediately get into a mail therapy or chat and try to resolve this issue.
All the best
Response By: Dr. Sharanya Dinesh Date: 15 NOV 2013

Hi Brid,

I'm available - let me know  your schedule and when you'd like to meet!

Response By: Eric Holmes Date: 14 NOV 2013

Dear Brid Gele,
Thanks for contacting the ProvenTherapy with the concerns that trouble you. We are here to help you to help yourself in managing your life and relationships better. It appears you are not happy with your marriage and you have been thinking of divorce. You have not said anything about your marriage, duration of it, and the reasons that make you think of divorce. I am also not sure whether you need counselling for going ahead with divorce or that you need help in dealing with the dysfunctional aspects of your marriage. The therapist at proventherapy are committed to help you. I come with 25 years of experience in marriage and family counselling. I am open to help you. Kindly decide on the type of counselling you prefer and follow the instructions to make an appointment with me. I am available for text chat / voice chat / email counselling. Looking forward to hear from you. 
With good wishes,

Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 14 NOV 2013