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Ppls I need help but have no money on here pls I need help my dad and I live far away in dif counties and he left me for 6 years and then we talked and I went to see him and he's just told me off and my mom he said we must get left he's now canceled my high school and won't see me ever again so I'm just so sad he said I must never see or Speke to him me and my mom did nothing so my kids over :(
Posted By : James Date: 8 NOV 2013

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Hi James,

It sound like you are really sad and upstate with your dad. Even though feeling of sadness over living separate from a parent is normal, it can last a long time. It also sounds like you are experiencing other complicate issues. The fact that you are reaching out for help tells me that you are tired of feeling sad and ready to be happy. I am available for counseling sessions to help you, but before we begin I need to know your age. There are laws in each state that protect minors from harm, and as a therapist I must obey the law. If you are under the legal age to consent for counseling in your state, I will need your parent's consent before we begin counseling. I Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Diane Davis, LMHC 
Response By: Dr. Diane Davis Date: 8 NOV 2013

Hi James,


I can tell you're very upset by this latest conflict with your father. The details of exactly what happened are a little unclear to me, however what is clear is that you do need somebody to speak to; someone who can offer support, understanding and help you to find ways to cope with and perhaps resolve the issues that are making you so unhappy.


Is there somebody you feel you can trust in your life who can help you in these ways without monetary charge? Possible an adult relative, a teacher at your high school, or the parent of one of your friends? I would love the chance to talk with you further and if you should decide to use Proven Therapy, I hope you will contact me.


For now, I wish you the best of luck!

Morgan Sutton, LPC

Response By: Morgan Sutton, LPC Date: 8 NOV 2013