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marriage help
I'm in need of counselor that is experienced in marriages with infidelity.
Posted By : cj Date: 31 OCT 2013

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Dear CJ,

Ha ha! Calm and please be peaceful.  Are you female to suspect infidelity of your husband? or  you are the male partner suspecting the fidelity of your spouse? There are 90% chances for suspection only. So just  take the counseling first to make the picture clear and what went wrong between you two. Later  we shall solve the issue in a joint counseling together. Please  don't rush up. I am available on line now for my services..Else you shall chose from the Proven therapists here in our site. You are cared for sure.



Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 1 NOV 2013


I am an experienced marriage and family counselor. There are times we go through experiences that disturb us personally and interpersonally. When one partner thinks that the other has infidelity issues it takes away happiness, satisfaction and the trust in that relationship. I am available for further talk through email, voice or text chat as per your convenience. Kindly follow the instructions in system and contact us for further help.
With good wishes, 
Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 1 NOV 2013


I am a marriage and family counselor and have familiarity with infidelity in intimate relationships. Please feel free to establish an appointment time.
I or any preferred therapist can meet with you or discuss schedules. I am on pacific time, it's 1:17 now.

Eric H.
Response By: Eric Holmes Date: 31 OCT 2013

cj, marriage with infidelity usually suffer from other problems. Work with relationships is one of my primary interests. Please send me an email with basic facts. And remember, refrain from any reactions of jealousy, this is the worst thing to do with infidelity if there is hope to save the marriage.
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 31 OCT 2013

Let's talk through the stages of infidelity. Whether you are, who has been cheated on, the adulterer, or the "other person" Talk to me about your anger, hurt, pain, heartache, disappointment, shame, and sense of loss. The betrayal you feel can cloud you making healthy decisions. I can help you move on and decide what you shall do next.. how to cope and to respond to infidelity.


 I am available central time for either individual, couples or marriage counseling. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to my unlimited weekly email therapy sessions.
Response By: Prem Nikoniuk Date: 31 OCT 2013

I can help. I am online now (4 PM EDT).
Response By: Raffi Bilek Date: 31 OCT 2013