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how do you know when you are not in love with your husband
Posted By : monica Date: 19 OCT 2013

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Hello Monica,
What would being in love and marriage mean to you? Was there a time when you were (or thought your were) in love with your husband? I am assuming you have already begun therapy with one of our therapists. If not, I am happy to work with you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Response By: shanti achanta Date: 27 OCT 2013

Hello Monica,


Thanks for choosing proven therapy. Your question is a valid one. Just think about it. What attracted you to your husband when you first started dating him? Marriage requires maintenance and ongoing communication between the two of you in order for it to continue to flourish. Email me or we can chat. I can definitely assist you with you concerns. I'm available 24 hours a day on weekends and from 9pm to 7am on weekdays. Look forward to hearing from you.

Response By: Jeffrey Perkins Date: 26 OCT 2013

Dear Monica,

I would need to know more information about your background, how long you've been married, what feels "different" now compared to when you first got married, etc.  Also, what happened to provoke your question to us?

Beyond that, we would have to explore what "love" and "being in love" means to you.  Is it a passing emotion, a transient state of excitement?  a trick of the hormones to get us to reproduce? Or, is love something deeper than that, and if so, what?  By exploring these questions we can help determine your state of being "in love".  Feel free to email me if you would like to discuss this further.  

All the best to you!
Response By: Sister Jamie Brown Date: 22 OCT 2013

Hi Monica,

Love is an emotion. Love is a challenged not threatened by differences. Mature people know that when two individuals come together to form an intimate relationship such as marriage the two become one, they endure disappointment, the good, and the bad. If you would like individual or marriage counseling, I am available. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Response By: Dr. Diane Davis Date: 21 OCT 2013

Hi monica,
Love is not something you fall in and out of dear. It is to be lived and experienced throughout life.
You are in a state where you doubt some of your decisions and thought processes. We are here to help you with those.share you doubts and we steer you through them, you make decision with clarity and feel for yourself whether you love , ever loved or not.
 please pick a therapist and begin your self discovery soon,All the best.
Response By: Dr. Sharanya Dinesh Date: 21 OCT 2013

Hi Monica, 
Your question is too brief for any of us to respond comprehensively. You need to tell us some details about you, your marriage, and your husband if you expect a response. How long you are married? How did you feel towards your husband at the time of marriage and what is the difference now. I appears to me that you are not feeling the same towards your husband and something is seriously lacking which is troubling you. You can discuss the matter in detail with me on-line through text chat or voice chat. You can also avail our unlimited email facility for one week (24 x 7) for only $ 45. Kindly let me know how you want to proceed with your question. 
Take care
Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 20 OCT 2013

Hi Monica,
Your request needs a detail analysis of your feelings towards your husband and from what you feel in reality.I'll try to give you some clues. This question appeared suddenly or more time thinking? There is a trigger to this question? What do you have in common with your husband? What would you like to change in your relationship?

You can find me online to discuss about this.
Gena Lupescu
Response By: Gena Lupescu Date: 20 OCT 2013

Love is a growing thing - we feed it water it nurture it or it withers and die.. we must everyday make the decision to commit to love or not. It's a process which when thirsty can feel like a desperate need to drink but when satisfied can become as unappetizing as salt water.
You are here because you find yourself on the spectrum removed from thirst. Set up an appointment and let us help you focus and gain clarity as you find your way through the maze of emotions and commitment that is love and life.

Stay thirsty my friend!
Response By: Eric Holmes Date: 19 OCT 2013


its not "how you know or not know"-- its about "how you feel, or not feel"

I am available to discuss this further with you online
Response By: Prem Nikoniuk Date: 19 OCT 2013