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I got a message from a prof on your team. Sorry, to bother the team. I got the message to go elsewhere. Good bye, i guess i can't get help. Any questions, my email is
Posted By : lisa34 Date: 13 OCT 2013

If you are a therapist , Please login here to respond.

Hello Lisa,

Sorry for the inconvenience that you experienced. Please contact me so that we can discuss your concerns. You can email me or we can chat. I'm available 24 hours on weekends and from 9pm -7am Monday through Friday.


Response By: Jeffrey Perkins Date: 26 OCT 2013


Please  don't  get ofended. Apply your  wisdom  to comply with us and get your  solution.. Please   have the trust. We mean in this business that only mutual trust works well. keep doing the right things. Ok.. Cheers .


Response By: Jamal Hassan Date: 15 OCT 2013


Last night I was awaiting your response for awhile.

You received a few messages from various therapists here including myself. You just need to follow the instructions. You can send an email to a therapist or chat with one who is currently on-line. We can help you. We are not able to call or email you. This is a paid and valuable resource.


Response By: Gina Lorenzo Date: 13 OCT 2013