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Hi, my name is Lisa. I've been upset lately and don't know why? I need to talk to somebody please. Thank you, my email is xxxxxxxx and my phone number is xxxxxx. Thank you.
Posted By : dolphin34 Date: 12 OCT 2013

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Hi Lisa, 
Thank you for trusting the Proven Therapy team with your concerns. It appears you are upset and do not know why you are feeling this way. We can work with you to help you to think further and identify the issues that bother you and make you feel upset. You need to work with one of the therapist listed here. I can work with you and help you to deal with your situation. You can opt for email counselling, chat session, or voice chat as per your convenience. We treat you with utmost care and maintain confidentiality of what you discuss with us. Let me know how you want to proceed, Lisa. Waiting to hear from you. 

Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 13 OCT 2013

HI Lisa!

Please feel free to select a therapist and select the options for therapy you'd like regarding email, live chat or live chat with audio. I would be happy to work with you during this difficult time.

Response By: Eric Holmes Date: 13 OCT 2013