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We are a married couple of 3 years and have a 2 yr old son. We both have had rough childhoods,as well as adult lives,our individual problems,most of which are unresolved or hasnt ever been talked about,thusly creating problems in our marriage. We have had addiction problems,incarceration periods,child-sex abuse,and pretty much every other issues that can be bad. The husband does not speak much at all about his past and has everything bottled up,which causes its own problems within the marriage,the wife feels lonely and un loved. We would like to find a therapist thru your email service,then once we feel more comfortable move to the live chats. Thank you for your assistance.
Posted By : Paulnrobyn Date: 12 SEP 2013

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Hello PaulnRobyn,

You just made the first step in receiving your breakthrough. Thank you for contacting proventherapy. First and foremost, I commend the both of you for "sticking it out" during these tough times. Most marriages these days fall by the wayside when confronted with the issues that the two of you have been confronted with. I can definitely assist you with these issues as I am certified in addiction counseling. Please email me or we can chat as well. I'm available 24 hours a day on weekends and from 9pm-7pm Monday-Friday. I look forward to hearing from you.


Response By: Jeffrey Perkins Date: 26 OCT 2013

Hello Paul n Robyn,

It is very true that our past memories always capture our present but it should not spoil it. As you told both of you had rough childhood, you must not transfer it to your son. He is too little now but as he grow he will start noticing your insecurities, and unknowingly you will share your with your son. It is very good decision to take help at the right time. And definitely it will be fruitful to your marriage because 3yrs. is just the beginning .You can email me, the details are mentioned in the profile.

Aparna Rana



Response By: Aparna Rana Date: 13 SEP 2013

hello Paul and Robyn,
First, congratulations to both of you. It takes courage to acknowledge ones problems. you have identified them and are willingly working together to overcome them. so that is half the battle one. 
Second, email therapy is ideal for both of you, so it is again a good choice to stick to. Please feel free to pick any therapist from the panel and start therapy without any delay. the sooner you open and let go of the bottled emotions the faster will be the healing and improvement in your life, individually and together also.
So wishing you all the success and hoping to hear from you at the earliest
love always
Response By: Dr. Sharanya Dinesh Date: 12 SEP 2013

HI Paul and Robyn,
Thank you for contacting the Proven Therapy with your marital issues and your need for identifying a therapist to work with you. With difficult childhood and problems in adult life it is certainly tough to create a physically-intellectually-emotionally-sexually fulfilling marriage. It is even more difficult as both of you have unresolved past which takes away the sense of marital satisfaction. I am an experienced marriage-family counsellor willing to help you in this situation. You can opt for email sessions or chat sessions as per your convenience. With good wishes. 

Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 12 SEP 2013

Hi Robin and Paul,

The first step in any healing process is admitting the situation. You did that wonderfully.

I will keep this short. Please check my therapist profile and determine if you think it's what you are looking for both in terms of expertise and convenience of fees which include a combination of live chats and emails, as in my experience this gives best results. Good luck and again, YOU took the most important step already and your awareness is outstanding.

Rodica Mihalis, M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology

Response By: Rodica Mihalis Date: 12 SEP 2013

I would love to assist you through your problems and I do have experience working with families who are suffering from addiction and trauma.With the problems you both are experiencing with the trauma can be difficult and confusing, even though you both able to identify the problems at this point. 
 You can contact me via email to begin discussing these issues privately. 
Response By: Angela De Leon Date: 12 SEP 2013

Robyn and Paul,

You seem to be well on the way to diagnosing your problems by yourselves. If Robyn's feeling of loneliness continues unchecked, this would not be promising for the marriage, and given that you have a 2 year old, that is something you should prevent by all means. On the other hand, Paul has his own concerns about both facing the past and trusting that any confession of it will be kept confidential. These are very sensitive things which require an experienced and empathetic therapist.

I think you would probably benefit from the so-called 'Hope-Centred Marriage Counseling', in a confidential environment. And yes, you are right: starting with emails, say twice per week, is probably the most secure and appropriate way to work. As someone with considerable experience working with ethics, crime and relationships, imprisonment and rehabilitation, as well as the ethical aspects of recuperation from traumatic past, I would be interested to work with you, as your case seems to fit my specialised interests. But review what you need, consider all your options, and once you choose, then stick to the therapist of your choice.
Response By: Prof. Aleksandar Fatic Date: 12 SEP 2013

Hello there, well the situation that you have shared seems to be challenging situation between both husband and wife. Rough childhoods and life can lead to these problems which seem to overwhelm the current times. Well just to get at the bottom of all this, I can definitely help with the use of Family Therapy by talking to both wife and husband on the individual basis and then perhaps have joint session to see if the issues can be resolved. Firstly, they need a listener and so I am willing to take a role of a therapist...We will definitely be in touch through email service! Looking forward to further chat. 
Response By: Stuti Pardhe Date: 12 SEP 2013

I am sorry to hear about the life challenges you are experiencing.  Its hard when you both have had unpleasant experiences prior to marriage.  You packed your suitcase of "unresolved baggage"  and your husband packed his. Now together you have a young child and you have your joint suitcase getting fuller and fuller of unresolved baggage.  I would love to be of help to your family.  I think it is important to have sesssions together and individually.  There is an email subscription that for $45 a week you get unlimited email sessions or you can pay a smaller amount for example mine are $20 an email.  I think the email subscription would get you further ahead.  I really hope to help you in any way I can and what makes you most comfortable.
Response By: Kari Schulz Date: 12 SEP 2013