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i really need help

hey i know no one would help me but i just registered and im 15 years old but the thing is i CANT BAY for anything if any one read this and willing to help me please we'll talk only one time and i wont talk for  along time that would be very helpful .. ABOUT ME : im the only child and my parents are divorced my life is so misreable ,im american but lived my whole life in middle east i talk arabic and really bad at english and im doing this cuz i really need someone to talk to before i die of lonlliness

thanks alot for taking the time to read this :) that means alot to me

Posted By : lily Date: 7 SEP 2013

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Dear Lily,  Technically since you are under 18 we would need permission from your parents to provide therapy, but I want to help if possible.  First of all, your English is quite good!  Regarding your situation, I don't know if it will make you feel any better, but you are not alone.  A lot of kids and families are in a similar situation.  The divorce rate in America is around 50-60%.  The parents may have grown-up reasons for getting a divorce and it has NOTHING to do with you (although kids often blame themselves!), and at least the parents are not living in the same house, fighting with each other, but still the kids are the ones who suffer.  I have many friends who have personally been through divorce, so you have my sympathy.  Also I am an only child and we moved a lot when I was growing up, although my parents stayed together.  I agree with what one of the other therapists said, that you should talk to a counselor at school.  Or if you can get your parents' permission, then you can talk to us.  Maybe just asking for their permission for therapy will help them to understand how much you are hurting.  All the best to you, dear.
Response By: Sister Jamie Brown Date: 10 SEP 2013

Hi Lily,
Your experiences in general, particularly in the family, appears to be disturbing and make you feel uncared and lonely. It is very disturbing when one feels nobody cares. Your parents are divorced. You have expressed yourself well and English is not a problem. When difficulties encountered most people feel the same way that you feel; lonely, not loved, not cared, and unwanted. This is deeply disturbing and frustrating for you. 
Thank you for contacting the proventherapy with your needs. You are advised to email us with further details. In your response kindly answer the following: As your parents are divorced with whom do you live? Father or mother or anyone else? You appears to be all alone and that you cannot talk to anyone in the family or outside the family. Do you think there no one in the family who can listen to you and help you to obtain required professional help? As you are only 15 it is good to have support of one of the parents or a close relative. Most therapists also will require parental consent for doing therapy with you. How are you doing with your schooling? You appear to have no friends in the school. When you feel terribly disturbed and lonely find some one to talk to instantly rather than staying alone. 
We are here to help you. Follow the instructions in the proventherapy website and contact me at your earliest. 
With good regards,
Response By: Dr. Joseph George Date: 7 SEP 2013