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im job less
Posted By : raj Date: 18 AUG 2013

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       Unemployment is known to have a major impact on mental health and, more generally, on a personís physical and emotional well being and social functioning. If you would like to share your situation, please contact me through email or messenger.

Response By: Tinu Thomas Date: 20 AUG 2013


This days, in this economy, things are difficult, situations are unpredictable. Life becomes very stressful; leading to mental anguish and distress. Loosing a job or trying to secure one are one of the major stressors we face. Going it alone is quite over whelming. I would like to reach out to you and tell you you are not alone. I can support you and help you in carving out a workable plan to secure the job you want, while in the meantime we work together on your mental/emotional/ and physical well-being; so you may decrease your stress and develop a more positive outlook o life.

Best Regards,
Response By: Prem Nikoniuk Date: 18 AUG 2013

Good Morning Raj:

Please look to your inbox for a more detailed response to your inquiry.

Talk to you soon,

Response By: Prem Nikoniuk Date: 18 AUG 2013